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  • 1. Brand Explanation:
    With a meaning of elegance and taste, “VRBON” is intended to show the pursuit people take for a better quality of life, higher level of living and a reach for that pursuit. This pursuit for a better life is the direction the company works hard towards and the mission of VRBON. 
    “VRBON” means a certain field and direction, and refers to our company’s products and research and development direction of the company’s products and technology. The present products mainly include refrigeration appliances and thermoelectric cooling products.

  • 2. Brand Position: 
    VRBON focuses on the research and development, production and sales of refrigeration electrical products. 
    Wine cooler and refrigerator of VRBON series develop in the professionalization, quality and branding direction. 
    VRBON’s desire is to be committed to improving the quality of life and living to become a leading brand in the industry.

  • 3. Advertising Slogan: 
    Your Wine Storage Expert
VRBON is specialized in manufacturing wine cooler, wine cabinets, hotel refrigerator and etc, telephone: +86 (0755)28756900